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Paoli Municipal Airport  
182 W Applegate St
Paoli, IN   47454
Phone: 1-812-723-9923

Hours of Operation
Weekdays: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Weekends: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

FuelFuel Information
(as of 05/21/2019 16:01)
Self Service: $4.15/Gal
Fuel Comments:
assisted self service


FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
City of Madison Aviation (IMS)
Madison, IN
Self: $3.99/Gal
55 NM at 77°
As of May 21, 2019
Grissom Airport/Law.Co. Aviation (BFR)
Bedford, IN
Self: $4.10/Gal
Full: $4.10/Gal
17 NM at 3°
As of May 17, 2019
Lebanon-Springfield Airport (6I2)
Springfield, KY
Self: $4.10/Gal
Full: $4.10/Gal
93 NM at 134°
As of May 25, 2019
Bluegrass Aviation (BRY)
Bardstown, KY
Self: $4.15/Gal
Full: $4.84/Gal
74 NM at 135°
As of May 25, 2019
Perry County Airport Authority (TEL)
Tell City, IN
Self: $4.15/Gal
41 NM at 197°
As of May 9, 2019

Transient Services
Hangar and, Tiedowns
Ground Transportation
courtesy van

Provisions/Food Available

Credit Cards Accepted
Discover , Mastercard and, Visa

Hotel/Lodging Information