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Town of Vivian  
P.O. Box 832
Vivian, LA   71082
Phone: 1-318-375-3856
Phone: 1-318-375-5427

FuelFuel Information
(as of 02/27/2020 06:05)
Self Service: $3.54/Gal


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Cypress River Airport (24F)
Jefferson, TX
Self: $3.55/Gal
18 NM at 244°
As of Feb 16, 2020
Rusk County Airport (KRFI)
Henderson, TX
Self: $3.55/Gal
69 NM at 224°
As of Feb 27, 2020
CE Rusty Williams Memorial Airport (3F3)
Mansfield, LA
Self: $3.60/Gal
56 NM at 165°
As of Feb 27, 2020
Cherokee County Airport (KJSO)
Rusk, TX
Self: $3.68/Gal
Full: $3.98/Gal
98 NM at 225°
As of Feb 20, 2020
Panola County Airport (4F2)
Carthage, TX
Self: $3.70/Gal
50 NM at 199°
As of Feb 27, 2020

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