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City of Parkston Municipal Airport  
PO BOX 490
Parkston, SD   57366
Phone: 1-605-928-3321

Hours of Operation
Open 24/7

FuelFuel Information
(as of 05/31/2024 09:52)
24hr Self Service is available
Self Service: $6.25/Gal
Self Service: $6.65/Gal


FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
Madison Airport (KMDS)
Madison, SD
Self: $5.33/Gal
Full: $6.33/Gal
63 NM at 45°
As of Jun 14, 2024
Wayne Municipal Airport (KLCG)
Wayne, NE
Self: $5.44/Gal
Full: $5.44/Gal
93 NM at 146°
As of Jun 20, 2024
City of Yankton (KYKN)
Yankton, SD
Self: $5.75/Gal
44 NM at 136°
As of Jun 19, 2024
Flandreau Municipal Airport (4P3)
Flandreau, SD
Self: $5.77/Gal
82 NM at 58°
As of Jun 14, 2024
Harold Davidson Airport (KVMR)
Vermillion, SD
Self: $5.84/Gal
68 NM at 128°
As of Jun 4, 2024

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