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Hobart Regional Airport  
Rt. 1 Box 101A
Hobart, OK   73651
Phone: 1-580-726-2719

Hours of Operation
Open After Hours on Request
Weekdays: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Hours Comments:
Terminal open 24 hrs. Manager resides on field and is typically available after listed hours. Please call 580-471-0964 for after hours service.

FuelFuel Information
(as of 02/26/2020 14:55)
Serving  Phillips fuel
24hr Self Service is available
Self Service: $3.00/Gal
Self Service: $3.80/Gal
Fuel Comments:
Pump service only. Pumps are on the south side of the parking ramp.


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FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
Guest Air Inc (2O8)
Self: $3.65/Gal
53 NM at 48°
As of Feb 21, 2020
Wichita Valley Airport (F14)
Iowa Park, TX
Self: $3.69/Gal
76 NM at 160°
As of Feb 26, 2020
Frederick Regional Airport (KFDR)
Frederick, OK
Self: $3.70/Gal
44 NM at 174°
As of Feb 26, 2020
Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional Airport (KAXS)
Full: $3.75/Gal
25 NM at 218°
As of Feb 27, 2020
Kickapoo Downtown Airport (KCWC)
Wichita Falls, TX
Self: $3.849/Gal
Full: $4.24/Gal
84 NM at 157°
As of Feb 13, 2020

Transient Services
Hangar and, Tiedowns
Pilot Services
Pilot Lounge , VCR and, WX Terminal
Aircraft Services
Maintenance/Repair and, Minor Repairs
Ground Transportation
Courtesy/Crew Car
Flight Ops
AC Rentals and, Flight School
Provisions/Food Available
Restaurant within 1M
Provisions Comments:
Snacks available in pilots lounge.

Credit Cards Accepted
Visa , Mastercard , American Express , Discover , Fleet , Multi-Service , Avcard , Conoco - Phillips and, Most Major Cards accepted
Credit Cards Comments:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover available 24 hrs self-serve. All listed cards available when attended. Call 580-471-0964 for after hours service.

Hotel/Lodging Information