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Viroqua Municipal Airport  
City Hall
Viroqua, WI   54665
Phone: 1-608-606-9563

FuelFuel Information
(as of 10/09/2019 09:47)
Self Service: $4.39/Gal


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City of Monroe -- Touch & Go Aviation (EFT)
Monroe, WI
Self: $3.75/Gal
Full: $4.25/Gal
93 NM at 135°
As of Oct 21, 2019
Lancaster Municipal Airport (73C)
Lancaster, WI
Self: $3.90/Gal
56 NM at 168°
As of Oct 8, 2019
Stevens Point Municipal Airport (STE)
Stevens Point, WI
Self: $4.06/Gal
95 NM at 45°
As of Oct 9, 2019
Boscobel Airport (OVS)
Boscobel, WI
Self: $4.09/Gal
31 NM at 158°
As of Oct 15, 2019
Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport (82C)
Mauston, WI
Self: $4.15/Gal
41 NM at 64°
As of Oct 15, 2019

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