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Scott County Airport  
Oneida, TN   
Phone: 1-423-569-8270

Hours of Operation
Weekdays: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Hours Comments:
Sat 8:00 - 6:00 Sun 12:30-6:00

FuelFuel Information
(as of 12/01/2022 12:12)
Serving  Titan fuel
24hr Self Service is available
Full Service: $5.85/Gal
Self Service: $5.80/Gal
Full Service: $5.85/Gal
Self Service: $5.80/Gal
Full Service: $5.80/Gal
Fuel Comments:
100 ll self-serve available 24/7 Jet-A self-serve available 24/7 Jet-A full-serve + or - available during regular hours Runways 05 and 23 5502 x 75


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FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
Warren County Memorial Airport (KRNC)
McMinnvile, TN
Self: $5.48/Gal
87 NM at 233°
As of Dec 1, 2022
Lebanon-Springfield Airport (6I2)
Springfield, KY
Self: $5.50/Gal
Full: $5.50/Gal
89 NM at 336°
As of Nov 23, 2022
Monroe County (KMNV)
Madisonville, TN
Self: $5.58/Gal
63 NM at 169°
As of Nov 15, 2022
Danville Aviation (KDVK)
Self: $5.58/Gal
Full: $5.78/Gal
78 NM at 352°
As of Nov 23, 2022
London Corbin Airport (KLOZ)
London, KY
Self: $5.65/Gal
Full: $5.75/Gal
51 NM at 32°
As of Dec 1, 2022

Ground Transportation
Courtesy/Crew Car

Provisions/Food Available
Provisions Comments:
Places to eat within 2 miles

Credit Cards Accepted

Hotel/Lodging Information