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Hastings City Barry Airport  
2505 Murphy Drive
Hastings, MI   49058
Phone: 1-269-945-6306

Hours of Operation
Open 24/7

FuelFuel Information
(as of 11/29/2022 13:27)
Serving  Avfuel fuel
24hr Self Service is available
Self Service: $6.41/Gal
Self Service: $5.48/Gal


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FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
City of Warsaw Aviation Service (KASW)
Warsaw, IN
Full: $5.25/Gal
99 NM at 194°
As of Dec 1, 2022
City of Plainwell (self-serve fuel) (61D)
Plainwell, MI
Self: $5.40/Gal
20 NM at 228°
As of Nov 29, 2022
City of Clare (48D)
Clare, MI
Self: $5.40/Gal
86 NM at 20°
As of Nov 22, 2022
City of Midland (KIKW)
Midland, MI
Self: $5.40/Gal
88 NM at 38°
As of Nov 22, 2022
Fulton County Airport (KUSE)
Wauseon, OH
Self: $5.49/Gal
95 NM at 139°
As of Nov 11, 2022

Transient Services
Pilot Services
Flight Planning Room and, Pilot Lounge
Ground Transportation
Courtesy/Crew Car
Flight Ops
AC Rentals and, Charter

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