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Darke County Airport  
9724 State Route 121
Versailles, OH   45380
Phone: 1-937-526-9126

Hours of Operation
Open After Hours on Request
Weekdays: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Weekends: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

FuelFuel Information
(as of 10/28/2020 09:05)
Serving  Phillips fuel
24hr Self Service is available
Self Service: $4.25/Gal
Full Service: $4.25/Gal
Self Service: $3.50/Gal
Full Service: $3.50/Gal
Self Service: $3.50/Gal
Full Service: $3.50/Gal
Fuel Comments:
Credit card sales only. jet A currently out of service 7/8/20


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FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
Peru Municipal Airport (I76)
Peru, IN
Self: $3.65/Gal
93 NM at 295°
As of Oct 15, 2020
Randolph County Airport (I22)
Winchester, IN
Self: $3.76/Gal
Full: $3.76/Gal
21 NM at 263°
As of Oct 19, 2020
Patriot Aviation (KHHG)
Huntington, IN
Self: $3.78/Gal
Full: $4.03/Gal
66 NM at 312°
As of Oct 19, 2020
Columbus Municipal Airport (KBAK)
Columbus, IN
Self: $3.79/Gal
97 NM at 228°
As of Oct 19, 2020
Fayette County (I23)
Washngtn Ct Hs, OH
Self: $3.80/Gal
Full: $4.25/Gal
73 NM at 126°
As of Oct 28, 2020

Transient Services
Hangar , Quick Turn , Telephones and, Tiedowns
Pilot Services
Pilot Lounge and, TV
Business Services
Conference Room and, WiFi
Services Comments:
Rental cars Enterprise 937-316-5290 must call ahead.
Provisions/Food Available

Credit Cards Accepted
Most Major Cards accepted

Hotel/Lodging Information
Recommended Hotel:
The Inn at Versailles 937-526-3020 3 mi.