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Capital Region Airport Authoirty  
Aviation Drive
Mason, MI   
Phone: 1-517-244-0666
Phone: 1-517-321-6121

FuelFuel Information
(as of 01/22/2021 06:05)
Serving  EPIC fuel
24hr Self Service is available
Self Service: $3.96/Gal


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FuelLowest Nearby 100LL Fuel Prices: More Nearby Prices
City of Clare (48D)
Clare, MI
Self: $3.58/Gal
89 NM at 349°
As of Dec 30, 2020
Kirsch Municipal Airport, City of Sturgis (KIRS)
Sturgis, MI
Self: $3.58/Gal
73 NM at 225°
As of Jan 19, 2021
Mt. Pleasant Airport (KMOP)
Mt. Pleasant, MI
Self: $3.74/Gal
74 NM at 347°
As of Jan 19, 2021
Fulton County Airport (KUSE)
Wauseon, OH
Self: $3.75/Gal
67 NM at 167°
As of Jan 15, 2021
Barnstormers at Contact (KPTK)
Waterford, MI
Full: $3.79/Gal
51 NM at 82°
As of Jan 13, 2021

Transient Services
Pilot Services
Maps/Cartography , Pilot Lounge , Snooze Room and, WX Terminal
Provisions/Food Available
Restaurant within 1M
Provisions Comments:
1. Snacks (On the Honor System) is available in the General Aviation Terminal. 2. A water cooler is also available in the GA Terminal. 3. Downtown Mason is not that far away, with many good restaurants, shops, etc.

Credit Cards Accepted

Hotel/Lodging Information